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Office and Lab

Our Office and Laboratory are located at our facility. The  Laboratory evaluates displays & instrument Clusters. We have housings to evaluate arc lamps and other Light sources 

Consulting Areas

Our consulting firm is here to help you and your business.

We supply consulting services on :

- Phosphor Screening for many applications

- Aging studies on  Phosphor Screens.

- support Litigation through Engineering   support to Lawyers.

​- Display Measurements

- We provide the color of phosphor mixes and provide techniques and 

review customer phosphor application methods to 

improve screen performance. 

- We provide Color Calculations for light sources and have given a workshop on Color Calculations and theory

​To support our Display Measurement work we have a number of measurement tools which include the following equipment

- CS-1000 Spectro-Radiometer

​- CS - 100 Chroma Meter

​- CL - 100 Chroma Meter